The Renovators - Random snaps!

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Rooms I liked!

It's been great to get some other people's

opinions of The Renovators,

keep em' coming!

The general consensus so far is the judges are a bit lame,

I think they say good things,

I just think they come across a little odd.

Anyways, these pics are random snaps from the show.

Suzanne's living bathroom from the "Express Yourself" challenge.

I loved it more on TV, but you can get the idea here.

The quality of the photos on their website is terrible,

so I'm sorry about the resolution here.

I loved Tina's work, this was her bedroom.

The above and below pic is from a day challenge

when they were given a whole house to "update" in one day

in two large teams. The houses were being sold and

they obviously wanted to increase the value of the home

by using the free labour of the contestants!

Sound familiar...

I'm not sure how much these contestants are being paid

to do this who, but I read The Block contestants were

paid $700 per week each, plus promotional money.

$700 is not a lot of money really.

Surely you do a show like this for the fun of it.

These rooms were from the French Chic challenges.

I loved those three thick framed mirrors lined up on that wall.

Nice rooms, remember they only get a few hours

to put these rooms together.


And I loved this wallpaper in this kitchen,

I'd do this room if I could here!

Last but not least is this pic which was a

random snap in a collection of outdoor pics,

so I'm not sure what it is, but I liked it anyway!

I'll post the outdoor/garden pics next time!


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