The Renovators - First Ep

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Renovate a whole house in 48 Hours

In the first episode I was blown away with the project at hand

and wanted to share it on my blog!

The new contestants were welcomed to the show by

being introduced to their first project,

renovate a whole new house from scratch.

And this is what was presented to them to renovate.

It was all under cover, they had a total of

48 Hours to bring it back to life within a factory.

As you can see,

all the items to pick from to furnish

the house were within the factory,

and the goods for renovation (incl tools)

were all there with them too,

even the soil trucks just drove right in!!!

Talk about DROOL!!!

I wish I could renovate houses like this!!

And here's what it looked like 48 hours later.


I seriously wanted to go visit.

I love that this show focuses on renovating,

and not so much on personal dramas.

Great "how to" segments, like building a stud wall,

or decorating a room with colour.

Remember they don't profess to be design people,

so I think considering their specialities were renovating

trades, the finished rooms looked fantastic.

If you want to see more of the The Renovators,

go see here.

I really like this show,

and can't believe it's doing so poorly in the ratings atm.

Tiling, everything, in 48 Hours.

That's a WOW from me!

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