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Colour Challenge

White Room Challenge

This TV Show is on Channel 10 atm,

it's called The Renovators.

I really like this show,

I think it's much better than The Block

for a lot of reasons.

They show a lot more basic renovating,

and not so much drama (tho there is a bit of that!)

These pics are from their "White Room Challenge"

called so because the room started off white for all

six teams, they were given one colour,

and that colour had to be the main theme of the room.

The Yellow Room

The Winner of the Colour Challenge

I absolutely loved this room.

Tina chose this colour and I have really

grown to love this woman's taste, gorgeous.

I think they had to paint, decorate & style within four hours,

from the basic barren white rooms!

The Purple Room

They hand painted on that white tree, it was gorgeous!

The Orange Room,

I don't remember it looking "this orange" on TV!

This is meant to be The Green Room,

but they've obviously stuffed up their images.

I'm not sure what this photo this is from,

but look at the spots on the wall!

The Blue Room,

not bad for two blokes!

The Red Room,

this was gorgeous, very feminine with all those bows tho!

Go See Here if you want to see some more!

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